Le Havre, World Heritage Site

Visiting a building site.

The Perret Studio

Created in 1945, the Reconstruction Studio of Le Havre brought together disciples and old pupils of Auguste Perret, but its history, the beginnings of this team, pre-date the destruction of the city in 1944.

It started well before the bombings of September 1944. The beginnings, eighteen months before, appear in a letter sent to Auguste Perret by Jacques Guilbert.

In this document dated 11th march 1943, Guilbert asks his old teacher to act and prepare for a new era. He suggests he should rely on architects he taught, because they will know how to perpetuate his teachings, “by multiplying them in time and space”.

In the Spring of 1944, Guilbert presents a project for a reconstruction Studio. He gets together a first core of architects. The group means to offer an alternative to the anarchic reconstruction threatening to spread in France.