Le Havre, World Heritage Site

Visitin a building site, Auguste Perret in 1949

Jacques Tournant, consulting architect in charge of land regrouping

An old pupil of Perret's, Jacques Tournant (1909-2005) became his representative in Le Havre. He was in charge of land regrouping, that is the sharing out of the land on a systematic co-owning basis (and no longer the granting of individual plots of land).

Besides, he finalized the Town Hall tower following closely the tenets of Structural Classicism. Jacques Tournant settled in Le Havre and opened an office there. Following the Reconstruction he designed a few remarkable buildings like the bibliothèque Salacrou (The Salacrou Library) together with Jacques Lamy.

Jacques Tournant undertook to sustain the memory of his “master” by explaining Perret’s architecture to the Local Authorities and the City Council, aiming at preserving the existing Before Perret’s works were rediscovered at the end of the 1980’s, urban fabric and its homogeneity.

   “I fought for years, to avoid shop fronts being added in order to hide the architecture. Blending them with the architecture, on the contrary, that is what is needed”.

Prematurely, he welcomed specialists from all over the world as they came to discover the city. He also initiated a collation of mementoes, press articles and original plans which were handed to the City Archives in 1987.