Le Havre, World Heritage Site

The Porte Océane, Gateway to the Ocean.

The Tramway

The tramway offers extended mobility between districts and allows more visitors and inhabitants to visit the city centre and thus discover local heritage, Ocean Door and the beach.

Inaugurated on 12th December 2012, the first tram line was built and financed by the CODAH (the Agglomeration or Urban Community regrouping surrounding townships).

Along the line, urban design gives first place to pedestrians and soft transport modes (cycling), an altogether different way of discovering the city.

Two humoristic reminders of the reconstruction:

The outer decoration of the trains take up the claustra designs which can be seen on City Hall Tower and the façades of the Collège Raoul Dufy. The ornements chiseled out of concrete can be seen all over the architecture of the buildings Auguste Perret and the architects of his Studio erected all over town.

The new lampposts set up in the reconstructed city centre (City Hall Square) were designed bearing in mind those of the 1950s, although containing up-to-date technology.


The Tram in le Havre since 2012