Le Havre, World Heritage Site

Restoration of Concrete

Restoring concrete

For a long time misunderstood and scorned, the concrete used in the reconstruction would be painted over, hidden by façade renovation, changes in shops and their shop windows and sign boards.

Over the past 20 years, new rulings and fieldwork have reversed the trend, and details of concrete façades are enhanced, whether they be structural ones or those of in-fill panels.

Façade renovation of the blocks follow one another, and textures of concrete, and variety in colour are shown off.

The concrete of structures will need be shown and restored back to their aspect, texture and colour of origin.

The same goes for in-fill panels. The joints between panels will be restored too, back to their original width, thickness and colour.



Scraping paint off concrete
Scraping paint off a concrete post
Scraping paint off concrete