Le Havre, World Heritage Site

Example of restored shop front.

Considering repairs

What administrative formalities when considering repairs? When you have project, it is best to contact the Department of Urbanism at city Hall. An appointment will be given for a study on paper, to be followed later by a visit on site from the Architect of French buildings and/or visits from City Hall technicians.

The office granting building permits (situated on the ground floor of City Hall) is open to the general public and deals with all applications.

First, people considering changes to shop windows, paint or refacing must contact the Department of Urbanism at City Hall. A clerk specializing in the local heritage is the person who will help the owner, shopkeeper or private individual with his project.

The clerk can visit the site in order to define the work to be done and how to respect the rules for the protection of local heritage. He can also help the applicant on a fist approach of pricing the project.

During the first meeting, the clerk sets a list of jobs to be done. Once done, the applicant must contact qualified firms to obtain quotes, then declare the project at the City Hall office delivering building permits.

All projects must obtain a license, including demolition projects within the AVAP. All shops must submit to architectural prescriptions and obtain a license for setting up their shop sign.

Granting the building permit is then considered by the City Hall Deprtment of Urbanism and the Architect of the French Buildings Department. The license must also be approved by the assistant-mayor in charge of urbanism.

You have further questions?

Please get in touch with the Department of Urbanism by clicking here.