Le Havre, World Heritage Site

Le Havre Sea Front.

A beach in the city centre

Regularly granted a “Blue Label” status for its fine clear water, Le Havre beach starts at the Porte Océane and offers a relaxing place and a promenade appreciated in all seasons.

For lovers of board sports and a recognized kite-surfing spot, the waves and multi-coloured sails create a permanent show.

Every year, beach huts, restaurants and facilities come out, announcing the forthcoming holiday period to all and sundry. Summer is the best time for swimmers as well as the children who enjoy the playgrounds along the promenade.

A favourite with walkers and sporty people in winter, the promenade along the beach takes you all the way to the marina, allowing you to admire, comes sunset, the blue line underlining the northern pier.


Seen from the sea
Aerial view of Le Havre
Gateway to the Ocean