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City of Le Havre
Official Site: unesco.lehavre.fr
Le Havre City Hall
BP 51
76084 Le Havre Cedex
Tel: (00 44)2 35 19 45 45
From France : 02 35 19 45 45



Luc Lemonnier, First Deputy Mayor, in charge of Urbanism

Conception and writing Committee: Communication Direction Office, Department of Urbanism/Unesco Mission Office



Editorial contact: webmaster-redaction@lehavre.fr
Technical contact: webmaster-technique@lehavre.fr
You can also contact us at the following address:

Le Havre City Hall
Pôle Promotion des TIC
BP 51
76084 Le Havre Cedex


Director for architecture, development of tools and on-line services

Modernization and quality Office – Direction of Information Systems


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Communication Direction Office

Damien Behar, Brice Gessler and Julien Voisin for Le hub agence


Project Management

Stéphanie Girard for the Communication Direction Office

Brice Gessler for Le hub agence


Artistic Management / Graphic Design

Damien Behar for Le hub agence



Laure Artieda, David Witczak for the Modernization and Quality Department – Direction of Information Systems

Glen Delezir, Héma Lambert for Le hub agence


Multimedia Editing

Elisabeth Chauvin for the Direction of Cultural Heritage

Véronique Bonneau-Contremoulins, Laurie-Anne Lecerf for the Direction of Urban Studies and Prospective, and coordination with the Le Havre Unesco Mission Office



Virginie Follet



Laurent Bréard, Philippe Bréard, Cyril Jamet, Erik Levilly



Mylène Colas



Silvia Penil-Legrain, Spanish
Lana Loeber, German
Lise Legendre-Onijas, English

Guides for the Local tourist Office and the Ville d’Art et d’Histoire Department


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The Direction of information Systems at City hall Le Havre, as website host, tries to guarantee permanent access, continuity and quality of service. However, City Hall denies liability in case of temporary or permanent inability to access contents on this site.

Although keeping a watchful eye, City hall cannot guarantee total exemption from computer viruses.

Furthermore, be warned that any attempt at hacking or server rerouting will be recorded and legal proceedings will ensue.


Updating legal notices

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