Le Havre, World Heritage Site

The Town Hall Gardens.

Town Hall Square

Not to be missed and a true gem of the reconstructed centre, the square dates back to 1950. This public space is made of gardens and pools, a bit like royal gardens of the eighteenth century, and spreads over no less than five hectares.

Central point of the city, the square is a vast monumental rectangle where you will admire Perret’s architecture on all sides: the imposing Town Hall and its tower, the blocks of flats called ISAI (Buildings without Individual Allocation), Avenue Foch.

For size, Town Hall Square is one of the largest in Europe. It holds a pivotal position at the limit of the reconstructed centre and the preserved city (to the North and the East), sitting in the exact same place as before the war, as do all the other emblematic buildings of the town.

 Avenue Foch used to run across the Square and did so until 1990. Since 2012 the tramway cuts across it, linking the outer districts to the beach.


The Town Hall Gardens.
Rue de Paris, seen from the Town Hall Gardens.