Le Havre, World Heritage Site

Rue de Paris by Night.

The Rue de Paris

Main thoroughfare of the reconstructed city centre, it looks like Rue de Rivoli (Paris) reinterpreted by Perret. It also was the very first street of Le Havre in the eighteenth century, when built by French King Francis the First. The port, the call of the sea, and the cruise ships come the summer months, are its constant backdrop.

Leave behind town Hall Square and walk slowly under the arcades. The street was rebuilt on the exact line of the old one.

You will notice architectural details, the varying designs of the columns, the balconies, openings and claustras. This historical thoroughfare shares a reference to classical design with Rue de Rivoli and its famed fashionable galleries.

Going down Rue de Paris from City hall, you will go past the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, Museum of Natural History (eighteenth century) and Notre Dame Cathedral (built from the sixteenth century on).

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General view of Rue de Paris.
General view of Rue de Paris.