Le Havre, World Heritage Site

The Semaphore and Harbour Master's Office in the Perrey District.

The Perrey District

Apart from a few brick buildings dating from before the war, the Perrey districts is made of experimental blocks rebuilt using the “Camus” comprehensive prefabrication process. This system was patented in 1948 and was much used in the following years. Large prefabricated load-bearing panels are already equipped with door frames, ventilation shafts and smoke ducts and finished surface coating.

The expression “perrey” (from the French word  “pierrier”) is used for the stone bars lining the coastal line, an area where windmills, brickyards and rope factories were set up. A “wooden district” of town appears there in the nineteenth century, built on military defense ground outside the fortifications and declared “non aedificandi”, that is forbidden to proper constructions.

Until the 1960’s, shipbuilding will flourish in the district, until the shipyards will be transferred further into the port and the Résidence de France housing scheme will be built. The district then becomes residential and now is linked to the yachting harbour activity.