Le Havre, World Heritage Site


The Perret Show Flat

The Perret Show flat takes you back in time to the 1950s. Step in and discover a living space where the best was made of natural light. You will realize how modern Perret’s architecture is.

It is a flat and museum. Lounge, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen…. The Flat is a small museum, recalling the period down to the smallest detail: mass-produced furniture, crockery, domestic appliances…

Every spring, the show Flat host a new temporary exhibition.

Ikea’s ancestors

The furniture the Perret studio chose for the show flats shows a similar approach of modernity. Perret chose René Gabriel’s living-room furniture for the Paris International Exhibition in 1947, while the children’s bedroom designed by Marcel Gascoin is shown “in situ” (on site) inside the Porte Océane scheme in 1953. These designers were figureheads of the Reconstruction Style, these “creators of mass-produced models” introduce in France a transition between Art Deco and Design styles: inspired by Scandinavian trends, they adapt modern concepts to oak furniture pieces, a robust and cheap material, warm and bright, easily compatible with the tastes and budget of a large number of customers.

The Auguste Perret Show flat at Le Havre.

The Auguste Perret Show flat at Le Havre.

Modular interior

The flat lay-out is rational, economical and designed to make the best possible use of natural light in the so-called long stay rooms (dining-room, kitchen, bedrooms). It also satisfies the French people’s wishes in matters of accommodation: flexibility in order to adapt to changes, answering a variety of needs, proving durable.

In the lounge, “large room for collective use welcoming all family life”, there are doors and sliding partitions allowing an opening or closing access to adjoining rooms. This modularity was a wish of Perret’s, made possible by specially placing the air ducts and making sure the “posts and beams” system limited the load bearing structure to one column in the hall of each flat.



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The main living area in the Perret Show-Flat - furniture by Jacques Hitier.
The bathroom in the Perret Show-Flat.
The parents'bedroom in the Perret Show-Flat.
Main living area of the Perret Show-Flat.
Children's room in the Perret Show-Flat - furniture by Marcel Gascoin.