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The Paul and Virginie Statue in Saint-Roch's Park.

Saint Roch’s Park

The Square Saint Roch is certainly a favourite with the locals. An early 1900’s kiosk graces the centre of the park. Beautiful trees such as the American Tulip tree, Atlas Cedar tree, Albizia and Eucalyptus stand as guides, oozing charm while you stroll around. There is also a large lawn and a children’s play area.

A hospital for lepers in the distant past, then a cemetery in the eighteenth century, the square Saint Roch was returned during reconstruction to the lay-out and use as a park it had known in the 1860’s.Destroyed in 1944, the park, having been used as a temporary cemetery, was renovated and then totally remodeled in 1968.

Over a 2 hectare surface, you will discover a large variety of plants and about 30 types of trees. About ten flower beds are spread out in the park, essentially planted with annuals showing colours and moods adapted to the passing seasons.

Even though there will be flowers all year round, the true stars of the place are the trees, some of them a century old: Judas tree, Laburnum, plane trees, oaks, magnolia, Deodar Cedar, Weeping Sophora, copper beech, blue Eucalyptus, Gingko Biloba or Maidenhair tree.

In one corner of the park, look out for the enigmatic ash tree with a large hole in the trunk which attracts all the children.


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Saint-Roch's Park, have a rest at the heart of the reconstructed city centre.
The Bandstand in Saint-Roch's Park.
Romantic pause in Saint-Roch's Park
Saint-Roch's Park.