Le Havre, World Heritage Site

The Fish Market in Saint-François District.

On an island: Saint-François' District

Here, in one of the oldest districts in Le Havre, there are still many remnants of the pre-war city, blending with reconstructed buildings thus differing from the rest of the city centre. It is the district for restaurants but its importance lies uppermost with its fishing harbour.

In Saint-François the buiding technique used is the same as elsewhere (a reinforced concrete structure). But here bricks were used and the gabled roofs are covered with slate.

At the time it is decided to keep to the pre-war urban grid in this district. Local architects are employed and the sixteenthth century street plan is respected.

The Fish Market

Built in the middle of the Quai de l'Ile in 1952, the Fish Market was designed by Charles Fabre and Jean Le Soudier. It can only be admired from the outside.

Museums of Art and History: the Shipowner's Mansion and the Dubocage de Bléville Manor House

In Saint-François “ancient” buildings sit side by side with reconstructed modern ones, as well as two schools and a Parish Hall. Close by, discover a lovely old church and two private mansions recently turned into museums by the City council.

The Dubocage de Bléville Manor House and the Shipowner's mansion used to belong to rich traders and shipowners. The art collections and furniture on display cover a seventeenth to nineteenth century period.


Maison de l'Armateur – 3 Quai de l'Ile
Musée Dubocage de Bléville – 1 Rue Jérôme Bellarmato
Contact : 02 35 42 27 90 – musees.histoire@lehavre.fr


The fishing Harbour.
The Isle Quay and Dock.
The Fishing Harbour, between reconstructed centre and pre-war heritage.